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We are a small Airedale Terrier hobby kennel. Our commitment is to show, and with our limited breeding program produce Airedale Terriers of merit and quality. Our goal when we breed is to continue our Champion line of Airedales, and insure pet and companion owners their Airedale is a lovable, trainable, member of their family.

It is always a pleasure to work with new Airedale owners, and provide grooming and training advice based on years of professional grooming and training experience. This brings us a great deal of satisfaction, and we pride ourselves on fulfilling the role of a responsible breeder when we breed.

Any Airedale we select for our program will be of a quality bloodline, usually a Champion, with OFA certified Hips free of Hip Dysplasia, and a wonderful temperament.

We show occasionally and have several Champion Airedales. With work and our young daughter, a limit on the time we can spend on the show circuit is necessary.

Also, we participate in Airedale Rescue. Many dogs of all breeds are over-bred or miss-bred, and the puppy buyers are not prepared for the dog they purchase. Some people only breed for money, and the long term welfare of the puppy, as well as the family, is not a consideration.

We have provided foster care, grooming, training, and re-locating numerous Airedales bred for the wrong reasons. While rescue can be heartbreaking it is also very rewarding to see an Airedale go to a loving and well prepared new home!

Other Airedale interests include the study and research of the origins and history of the Airedale breed. The Airedale has a rich and varied history, as a working farm dog, a distinguished military dog, a real hunting dog, and a variety of other uses for it's keen intelligence and physical characteristics.

The Airedale Terrier is a wonderful breed, but not the breed for everybody. As a member of the Airedale Terrier Club Of America, and the Wisconsin Airedale Terrier Club, we have come to know this great breed and so many wonderful people who have wisely selected the Airedale Terrier as the dog to enrich their lives.


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